Proven by own applications in development and production

  • Measurement the power consumption of battery-operated devices
  • Measuring from a few nano ampere up to 10 millions times bigger peak currents.
  • Measuring everything, that influences the life span of the battery
  • Higher precision and considerable saving of time compared with conventional measuring instruments
  • Precise and galvanically isolated measurement of multiple currents in an active circuit without a significant influence
  • From few nA up to a million times higher currents
  • The TrueQ CM starts where conventional measuring instruments fail
  • Simultanious discharge of 4 batteries with individually adjustable current
  • Cyclic measurement of the battery impedance
  • Adapters for all common battery types available
  • Clear graphical evaluation. Generating report and data files for your use – a real relief for you
  • Visualizes and measures high speed microprocessor activity, communication and other signals
  • Illustration of many signals timewise correlated, with 10ns resolution (1/100.000.000 sec)
  • Simplification of hardware and software tests and validations.
  • Increases safety and speed of hardware and software developments significantly
  • Infrastructure for the functional test of electronics
  • Hundreds of measured values per test are stored in a database for later evaluation.
  • Measuring value trending for early component drift detection, avoiding of production stop
  • Use the framework or let us individually adapt to your products
  • Automate product tests by simple programming in Excel.
  • Program will be sent via Ethernet to separate CPU and executed independently.
  • Modular system with digital and analog inputs and outputs as well as DC and stepper motor controllers.
  • It’s the lab peoples darling, because they understands Excel as the programming language.